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Miriam Schwabe

“Words cannot do justice to the amount of purpose and guidance Tony has provided for me. When we first met I was completely lost and frustrated at where I was in life. I felt stuck in this limbo state; unsure of how to get myself out. Regardless of what I have going on in my life, Tony has this special ability to turn my whole outlook around. He is the person you want in your corner. Relentlessly cheering you on, no matter how many punches are being thrown your way. Tony gives you the tools to stand strong, put your arms up and be ready for your moment. He shows you that these resources have always been within. More importantly, that this “moment” isn’t for you to sit around and wait for, but rather to create.

Tony has a beautiful gift. His passion to share it with the world is truly inspiring. I am grateful for the Universe introducing Tony into my life, exactly when I needed it most.”

Elizabeth Blake 4.jpg

Elizabeth Blake

“Working with Tony is wonderful - both a joy and also very productive. Tony is deeply attuned energetically and has an innate ability to connect with his clients. His talent for energy work and guided visualizations adds a beautiful dimension to the work. He’ll help you clarify your vision, decide on best next action steps and hold you accountable to your progress. Tony has been a huge help in my creative process and in my life. He’s helped me identify fully with my highest self. I’m always radiating, glowing and feeling super inspired after our sessions. I highly recommend working with Coach Tony!"


Alex Waugh

"Tony is simply great at what he does — helping you make change in your life. I clicked instantly with his warm, energetic personality. He has such an elegant collaboration style; we get real work done together yet it feels like an open conversation with a close friend. 
Our coaching sessions are as productive as they are enjoyable. Tony really takes the time and effort to understand my challenges and goals and ensures that I feel heard and understood, which is invaluable. I have at least one insight about myself or my business at every session and I always leave both feeling clear on the next steps towards my goals and empowered to take them.
I highly recommend working with Tony if you are trying to make significant changes in your life. He will help you get there faster and with more clarity and confidence than you would on your own."

"Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player."
- Bill Gates
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