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Group Teaching in persuasion and marketing for business and personal use.

This can be done live or Online/Virtual 

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What is coaching? Coaching is reinventing yourself in every moment. I believe that we’re constantly reinventing ourselves in our lifetime. There’s an old quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I believe this wholeheartedly, but what I have also learned is that “When the student is ready, the next level appears.” What I do is 

help you move into

that next level.

Together at the Top

 I offer Coaching in individual session(s), coaching packages of 30,

90 days, up to 12 months.

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or on media platforms like Zoom. Group coaching is also available

Featured Programs
Communication To
Learn the best ways of persuasion and inspiring influence language in this 90-day program. We will look at how your mindsets and your language patterns may be holding you back, and how to push open the window of opportunity that powerful persuasion skills have to offer. This is great in both your business, work, and personal life.
Power Productivity
Nobody likes ending the day feeling tired, drained, and feeling like they got nothing done. Learn to maximize your energy and double your productivity in 90 days. This will give you more energy, more choices, and more power.
Successful Work Team
Learn the skills of marketing yourself and your business for the 21st century. Some of the old, previously tried and true methods are out of date, and some are still golden. Learn which ones to keep and where you can improve to become a master marketer in this 90-day programs.
Negotiation Activation
Do you dread having to negotiate anything, from buying that car to even dealing with your children? Learn the tools that will give you the winning edge to activate your negotiation power. These are deep rooted in psychology and will help in almost every area of life.
Finding out your “Why?”
If you feel that you’re going through life without a definite purpose, finding your “why” can be the key to revitalize your life and give you the motivation to thrive. In this single session, we will drill down, find your “why,” and look at steps to “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!”
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What Could I Expect At The Coaching Session

Most people don’t have a clear picture of what they want in life. They may know it in a general way, but not specific.

If you choose to have coaching with me, we will work on getting clarity in these areas. If you’re having a challenge, figuring out what you want to do, making a decision, setting a goal, or just getting that clarity, in the coaching session I’ll help you discover what those things are and give your support to take action.

You will do all this is a safe space where you feel safe, validated, understood, and have someone to walk along side of you as you do this. You will leave the session with clarity and a sense of possibility that you can achieve the things you want to achieve, and see things that perhaps you had not seen before.


For more information or to book an introductory session, use the link below. 

What should I expect?
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